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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Silvania Silverstars

I decided to give the Silvania Silverstars a try in my car. I didn't like the yellow tint to my lights and figured I'd see if the hype about these things was just that, hype.

I have to say after a week with them I'm actually satisfied. Its not a world of difference but the improvement is definatly there. I can see further and the contrast is higher. I actually notice the most improvement on low beam surprisingly. The beam is cast further and the actual visibility of things is higher.

High beam is better as well, I just don't notice as much of a change as I do with the low beam. I'm going to try to find the same model car as mine with standard halogens this weekend and try to get some comparison pictures for you.

I guess in the end, only you can decide if its worth the considerable price difference. For now, I'm going with yes and will continue to purchase them.


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