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Friday, January 21, 2005

Clear Signals??? Have I gone rice?!

Nope, not at all. Its actually come about through a chain of events.

As I've already mentioned below, I'm going to removable hardbags for my sport-touring trips. This requires that the rear turn signals be moved. I personally don't like the way the kit does it as it just does not look good.

I decided to fix the issue another way as well as clean up the appearance of the tail section. I spent some time looking over the various undertail kits for the Busa and finally settled on the UFO undertail. Its not as common as the Top Gun or any of the others and looks fantastic. Plus, with the signals being integrated into the tail itself I free up that space needed for the bags to hang down.

Since the tail section comes with clear lenses I decided to make the front match. The problem with this is that the aftermarket lenses for the front tend to leave a gap between the fairing and the lens. This is rather unattractive and looks somewhat slapdash. Lo and behold, the 2005 and up Hayabusa will be coming with clear signal lenses. A trip to the dealership yesterday and the parts were on order.

I'm hoping to have them in within a week or two if they aren't back ordered and we'll see what the final appearance is. I'll post pictures as soon as possible.



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