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Saturday, January 15, 2005

What does the future hold?

The future sport-touring add-ons for my bike could be numerous. However, I do have a few set items that I hope to have mounted by early to mid spring.

First off will be the Zero-Gravity Double Bubble windscreen. I don't honestly have any trouble with the wind using the factory screen. However, I do have issues with the way the air hits my chest and bounces into my helmet. The reason for the ZG windscreen is that the wind carries bugs right into my face. You've not had "sport bike excitement" until you are hauling tail down a curvy road and you notice out of the corner of your eye a bee/wasp resting and recovering on the edge of your visor. It helps also that the double bubble compliments the lines of the bike. I'll be purchasing in light smoke to look like stock and still allow use of my digital camcorder to record my rides.

The next stage is a set of SW-Motech Quick-Lock Removable Sidecases Racks. Gives me the ability to haul a set of Givi bags but on weekends or after I've gotten where I'm going I can remove them in about 30 seconds and noone will be the wiser. I will also be using their tail rack system. All of this will allow me to haul two 35 liter bags and one 46 liter tail bag. Total storage will exceed my old 2001 Kawasaki Concours.

I plan on useing the E41 side bags for the conveniant second door that allows you to open part of the bag without opening the full clamshell. This makes it easier to remove small items without the hassle of trying to keep everything inside while open on the side of the bike. The tail bag will be a V46 simply because I like the styling and the large capacity.

Now, I'm comfortable with the leg room on the Hayabusa but I was told by one of the commentors on a post below that the ProTeck Pro Light slash cut pegs offer an additional inch of leg room by dropping the height of your feet. Might be something to consider if you have knee issues. An inch can go a long way when it comes to long trips.

Another item that I consider to be important is a centerstand. I'm not in a particular hurry to order one or to put one on but knowing my luck I'll be 500 miles from home and need it. Thus the reason it IS on the list. Maybe it will help me decrease my procrastination levels when it comes to oiling my chain. I tend to be on my way home from somewhere and think to myself, "I need to lube my chain before I head out again". Of course, I end up saying this every ride. That being said, I've found Castrol's chain wax to be an EXCELLENT lube for the chain.

I've got a few more minor items to cover yet but hey, I've got to leave SOMEthing to add later now don't I?

Have a great day and I hope your weather is better than mine currently.

Stay safe out there!


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