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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Getting started can be a pain.

Well, here it is. The first official post by me on this site. Really a bit of an experiment. I am more familiar with posting on message boards but thought I'd give this a go.

Since my interests vary greatly, so will the posts on my blog. I'll be covering anything from movies to cycle gear and everything in between. If I buy a new toy I'll post up a review of it. If I buy a new cleaner I'll post whether it works as advertised. If I go for a 400 mile ride one day I'll post pictures and info regarding it.

Hope you enjoy reading it and I hope I don't tire of writing it.


At 1:37 PM , Blogger Lauren said...

Well, since you are going to take pictures, I suggest having Blogger host and post them. Might I suggest Hello?


PS: Since your blog looks nice and because you aren't using sticky keys (AnNoYiNg, YeS?), I'm adding you to my blogroll, a collection of links viewable on my blog. :D


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