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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Maxpedition Gear Review - Universal Flashlight / Baton Sheath 1708

This is a VERY short review of the Maxpedition brand universal flashlight and sheath. Maxpedition makes high quality nylon items for storage and carry. I was worried about spending $20.00 on a piece of kit that I'd never seen in person but I bit the bullet and purchased this from Battery Junction along with several flashlights which will be reviewed in time.

The 1708 sheath is nice in that it can be configured through the use of various velcro straps to fit several different pieces of gear. In my case, I use it to keep my Tiablo A8 (review forthcoming) on my duty belt at work or on my side when out walking, hiking, or just out for a night on the town. It can be arranged to carry in the standard up/down method or turned sideways and following the line of the belt depending upon what you plan to carry in it.

Adjustment to fit your device is an easy enough affair. I simply put the flashlight into place and then proceeded to pull the adjustment straps and velcro them into place so as to put the required pressure onto the shaft of the light to hold it as needed. Once I had it adjusted to fit, it was then easy to either slide onto a standard belt or when I'm wearing it to work, the loosening of three velcro straps on the back side allows me to place it onto my duty belt without removing all of the other stuff on said belt. This is very nice for other correctional or police officers that hate taking everything off their belt in order to put something new on. Being nylon it obviously wouldn't look right with a leather belt but seeing as many departments are going nylon now for everyday duty use, this shouldn't be a problem.

Another nice feature is that the top flap can be adjusted for length depending upon the size of what is placed inside or can be completely removed to make easier and faster access. I have mine left on so that I don't have to worry about the light getting pulled out or falling out in a scuffle. It would also be bad to lose a $129.00 flashlight if you take a tumble in the woods while hiking.

Colors come in Black, Khaki, or Green. I chose black as its required for my duty belt and looks the best when just using it for EDC.

In summary, Maxpedition has impressed me enough that I now plan to order both a full sized laptop/multi-use bag and another "holster" to carry my Garmin GPS (review forthcoming) from them. Quality appears to be very high and functionality is thus far fantastic. As time goes on I'll revisit this review and update with information on how it is holding up. For the time being, I have nothing but praise and highly suggest that if you need a flashlight holster that you look into purchasing this one.


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